Guided Reading Course

grgHere at Grace Community Church, Bedford, I run a monthly guided reading course with half a dozen students. It’s mainly based around  Grudem’s Systematic Theology with supplementary reading thrown in. The idea is that over a two year period students will read most of Grudem, plus a whole load of snippets from some of the classics. The syllabus and session outlines (including discussion questions) can be found below. Please feel free to use and edit in any way you like if at all helpful.

Guided Reading Course Syllabus

GRC session 1. thinking about God

GRC session 2. Word of God 1

GRC session 3. Word of God 2

GRC session 4. Doctrine of God 1

GRC session 5. Doctrine of God 2

GRC session 6. Trinity

GRC session 7. Creation and providence

GRC session 8. Creation of man

GRC session 9.Sin

GRC session 10.covenants

GRC session 11. person of Christ

GRC session 12. atonement

GRC session 13. resurrection

GRC session 14. holy spirit

GRC session 15.application of redemption 1

GRC session 16.application of redemption 2

GRC session 17. application of redemption 3

GRC session 18. application of redemption 4

GRC session 19. church 1

GRC session 20. church 2

GRC session 21. church 3

GRC session 22. church 4

GRC session 23. future 1

GRC session 24. future 2


7 Replies to “Guided Reading Course”

  1. Hi Martin,

    Names Ryan – we studied together at Oak Hill. a Quick question if I may: do you expect those involved to purchase their books? If so, I can imagine it being pretty pricey. Secondly, would you run it as a discussion group once a month, requiring those involved to have read it, then “open discussion” or do you physically teach it too? If that makes sense.

    Ryan Rudolph

    1. Hi Ryan – I remember you. How are things? I ask our guys to buy Grudem, and I photocopy all the secondary stuff for them.
      It’s normally not too bad – often less than 30 pages. Then, when we meet, we follow the questions and run it as a discussion. Prep wise, it’s just a couple of hours a month for them and me, and
      I hope those who are doing it would say it repays the investment. Hope this helps. Blessings.

  2. Hey Martin,
    Thanks and sorry for such a late reply (6 or almost 7 months?!). This is certainly something I’d be looking to do/lead in the future so its helpful to have it here.

    Hope you’re well and happy new year.

  3. Hi Martin,
    Names Lee – we studied together at Oak hill. If you don’t mind I think that I will half inch most of this material and use it for guided reading with my elders’. Thanks for sharing
    I hope that this message finds you well

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