Pray Through the Church Address Book in Your Small Groups Too

A little while ago I shared some ideas to help in your own personal prayer times. One of those was to take a page of the address book and pray through it each day.

A small group leader recently told me that his group had started doing this when they get together also. This idea seemed too good not to share. So here’s how it goes. . .

Each week he messages his group with the page they’re praying through. He then encourages the group to see if they can have a chat with someone on that page on the Sunday (hence encouraging people to keep meeting new people, and speaking to those they may sometime miss). Then, when they meet the following week they can share briefly (and appropriately) any particular needs or requests, and pray for the people on that page (hence encouraging people to pray for other people, outside they’re usual circles). There’s 36 pages in our address book, which means everybody in the church gets prayed for roughly once a year. Imagine if all groups did this (28 in our case) – that would mean everybody getting prayed for by someone else roughly once a fortnight! Imagine how cool that would be – to know that every small group in your church was going to pray for you by name at some point during the year. Imagine how that could transform that sense of ‘one-anothering’ in the church family.

So, if you use an address book, maybe this is something your small group could try for a while, and see how it shapes church life and care for one another.

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