Gospel Economics

Here’s a little thought experiment I did at Grace last weekend. We were looking at the parable of the shrewd manager, thinking about how to use our money wisely in light of future realities.

I was encouraging folk to think about how to invest in eternity, specifically in their financial giving to gospel work. Lot’s of us think our little bit won’t really make any difference. But think about it this way.

Suppose someone from Grace earned an average wage across their working life. An average salary where we are (according to the last census) is around 27k.

If they gave a tenth to gospel work that’d work out as follows:

  • 200 quid a month
  • 2,5k a year
  • 25k over ten years
  • 100k over a working life
  • If 10 people did this that’d be 1 million
  • If 100 people did this that’d be 10 million
  • If 100 churches of 100 people did this that would equate to 1 bn to gospel work in a 40 years period

A little faithfulness can go a long way. We just need the vision to see it, and the determination to do it.

One Reply to “Gospel Economics”

  1. This a really good thought that would work really well in theory.I think that we should be careful not to scare away those that could not even afford a quarter of that amount of money and to realise that there are many different levels of wage earners and therefore highlight this when speaking on giving in the church.

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