10 Mistakes Leaders Make


This post is really a plug for a great little book I read last week by Dave Kraft called Mistakes Leaders Make. It was published in 2012 (I’m a little behind the times!) as a follow up to his equally brilliant Leaders Who Last. Here are his ten chapter titles to whet your appetite:

  1. Allowing Ministry to Replace Jesus
  2. Allowing Comparing to Replace Contentment
  3. Allowing Pride to Replace Humility
  4. Allowing Pleasing People to Replace Pleasing God
  5. Allowing Busyness to Replace Visioning
  6. Allowing Financial Frugality to Replace Fearless Faith
  7. Allowing Artificial Harmoney to Replace Difficult Conflict
  8. Allowing Perenially Hurting People to Replace Potential Hungry Leaders
  9. Allowing Information to Replace Transformation
  10. Allowing Control to Replace Trust

I’d recommend buying the book for your team and talking about a chapter every time you meet. It’s that rare combination of being super-readable, practical, and profound. Just buy it already!

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