Schaeffer on our ‘Ash Heap Lives’


I recently read this little essay by Francis Schaeffer and found it very challenging. Here are a few quotes:

‘Tragically, all too many of us live out this antithesis [practical materialism] of true spirituality. We all tend to live ‘ash heap lives’; we spend most of our time and money for things that will end up in the city dump.’

‘Death is a thief. Five minutes after we die, our most treasured possessions which are invested in this life are absolutely robbed from us.’

‘There is a peculiar kind of right of private property in the Bible – a private property, an acquired property, an accumulated property that cares for people. And this we have forgotten. Our choice is not between an accumulated property, which is hard, cold and unloving, and a socialism in which the state owns everything. The Christian has a third option – property acquired and used with compassion.’

‘To the extent that wealth (or power) is our reference point, we are spiritually poor.’

‘What is involved is not just the amount of money we give to ‘the church.’ What is involved is the way we spend it all. We have a right to spend money – do not misunderstand me and start feeling guilty for the wrong reasons. . . There is a time to buy flowers and take a vacation. What is important is not despising acquired wealth; it is using all our money wisely before the face of God.’


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