Recruit the 6Cs

There’s any number of these kinds of lists, but this is one I’m finding helpful to think through at the moment:

  • Character (godliness)
  • Conviction (sound doctrine)
  • Competence (gifting)
  • Capacity (work ethic)
  • Chemistry (ability to get on with others)
  • Culture (understanding of our context and church culture)

And I think they’re all worthy of careful consideration. For example, if you’d asked me ten years ago I’d have said the first three are what I’m really interested in. A few years down the track I’m increasingly convinced that things like chemistry and culture are enormously important. Someone who constantly rubs others up the wrong way, or who dislikes or disagrees with your church culture is going to be a constant headache. While the person lacking in sound doctrine could do greater harm, the person who has a talent for upsetting others will still do significant harm. And if it’s a task vs. people thing I’m increasingly persuaded that erring toward people is preferable. So next time you’re recruiting, do yourself (and your team) a favour by giving consideration to all 6 ‘C’s.


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