10 Ideas for Communication that Connects


For those of us that spend a fair chunk of time communicating with others, we want to believe that our communication is really connecting – that people are genuinely listening and being helped by what we’re trying to say. So here’s few ideas on the sort of communication that I think connects.

  1. Curiosity – does this talk raise a question that I really want to know the answer to?
  2. Empathy – does this person understand me, my struggle, pressures and worries?
  3. Excitement – does this talk present a vision of what could be that makes my heart beat faster?
  4. Conviction – does this person convey the sort of passion that demonstrates why their idea is more than just advice.
  5. Imagination – does this talk capture my imagination of a possible future?
  6. Beauty – does this talk capture my sense of wonder and love for something/someone?
  7. Inspiration – does this talk make me want to take action?
  8. Humour – does this talk make me laugh (and cry)?
  9. Practicality – does this talk tell me how and what to do next?
  10. Variety – does this talk touch more than one of the above criteria?

What’s missing? What might you add? Anything you’d change here? Let’s keep the conversation and learning going.

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