5 Levels of Leadership

Here’s an outstanding talk on leadership by John Maxwell

He outlines five levels of leadership as follows:

Level 1 – position (right) – people follow you because you have a title and they have to!
Level 2 – permission (relationships) – people follow you because you’ve invested in relationship and they want to. Level 2 leaders good at listening, observing, learning. They have a servant attitude – love to serve. Relationships are foundational because leadership is influence.
Level 3 – production (results) – at this level not only do people follow you because they want to, and because they like you, but you’re seeing results.
Level 4 – people-development (reproduce) – here people are not just getting results but are growing in their role. People development is linked to recruitment, positioning, and equipping (best way to equip is do it, do it with someone, they do it while you’re with them, they do it, they teach it – all five steps key).
Level 5 – pinnacle (respect) – comes from long-term success that gains the respect of others.
A highly recommended talk – well worth 30 mins with your lunch or coffee.

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