A Really Helpful Tool For Your Small Group


So here’s a little tool we’ve used for a while which I think, though small, can be really helpful. Brace yourselves . . . It is . . . The weekly notice sheet. Exciting eh! Not what you were hoping for? Bear with! Here’s some ways you can make it work for you:

  • If you include some kind of ‘what’s on’ section you can pray through that in your small group.
  • As well as praying through the ‘what’s on’ you could use it as a little reminder/encouragement where you want people to respond to something.
  • If your small groups use their time to talk about Sunday’s sermon then you can include things like the passage, a few questions to be thinking about, and a big blank space for notes. People can then bring that to your small group as an aide-memoir.
  • If you print song words in your notice sheet/meeting guide you could use some of those to fuel your prayers at different points in your time together.
  • During your small group session people could annotate their notice sheet with further reflections/prayer requests to take into the rest of the week.
  • You could encourage people to file their notice sheets somewhere, perhaps just for a couple of months, and then pick out an old one to see the ways in which God has answered prayers.
  • Once all this is done you could have a paper-aeroplane competition to bring a little crazy to your tea and hob-nobs sesh.

If you’ve other ideas on how to make the most of your weekly meeting guide/notice sheet then do please comment and share your ideas.


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