Some Thoughts Following A Social Media Sabbatical


I’m back! Did you miss me? Thought not.

I spent a fair chunk of the last 3 months away from social media, for a number of reasons. Partly I was wasting too much time checking, liking, re-tweeting etc etc. Partly I caught myself looking for admiration and affirmation through other people’s likes, follows, shares, retweets etc — all of which I thought wasn’t terribly healthy. So I went cold turkey. And guess what!? Can’t say as I really missed it. Turned out I could live without seeing photos of other people’s food, holidays, or children. What’s more no-one missed me. Don’t cry for me, really. What I mean is no-one’s world fell apart because I wasn’t sharing my pearls with the world wide web. The world kept turning, life went on – turns out I’m not as important as I like to think I am. Actually, I quite enjoyed the freedom from the tyranny of my demanding blogging schedule (joking!). So, why am I back you might well ask? Well, here’s a few reflections which may be of some help to others:

  • The problem isn’t social media – it’s me! I choose what to spend my time looking at and interacting with, and it’s my heart that seeks affirmation or admiration in the wrong places. The problem isn’t ‘out there’, it’s in me.
  • I also (still) think that social media can be used for many good things – and so I intend to keep using it to that end best I can.
  • I will endeavour to spend less time mindlessly scrolling and schedule some more focused and fruitful time to be in the social media universe.
  • I would encourage others to think similarly about how and why they use social media. It’s immersive lure means it’s especially important to be critically engaged.
  • I think my main mantra, which I got from a book on social media stuff a few years back, is ‘add value’. If it doesn’t add value why are you doing it? If it’s gossip, rage, whining, attention seeking, humble-bragging then don’t put it up there. If it’s good, true, beautiful, and edifying and it adds value – share the love!

Anyway, I’ll get back to the attempt to ‘add value’ in coming weeks with some recommends of some good books I’ve been reading of late. Now, if you could just like, share, and retweet I’d be grateful.