Schaeffer Prophesied Morality by Facebook!


Here’s a snippet from Francis Schaeffer’s He Is There and He Is Not Silent, written in 1972:

“Consider Marshall McLuhan’s concept that democracy is finished. What will we have in the place of democracy or morals? He says there is coming a time in the global village (not far ahead, in the area of electronics) when we will be able to wire everybody up to a giant computer, and what the computer strikes as the average at a given moment will be what is right and wrong. You may say that this is far-fetched and there may never be such a worldwide computer system. But the concept of morals only being the average of what people are thinking and doing at a given time is a present reality.”

There you have it – a prediction in 1972 that morality would come to be determined by the majority via the medium of a world wide web. The man was clearly a prophet! Amazing, no!

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