Zeal without Burnout


I’ve just finished reading Chris Ash’s excellent book, Zeal without Burnout, and would highly recommend – it’s the kind of book that leadership teams should read together to talk about healthy (and unhealthy) patterns of life and work. The book contains a host of helpful stories, wisdom, Scriptural application, and keys such as God doesn’t need sleep, sabbaths, friends, or food – but you do! There’s also a very helpful little performance/pressure graph in the back by Steve Midgley. It’s an easy read packed full of biblical wisdom. Here’s nice bit from pp. 61-62 quoting the old Scottish minister William Still:

Some meddling ministers want to sort everybody out. God is not so optimistic. There are some who will die mixed-up personalities, and they may be true believers . . . Don’t try and do the impossible. Know your limitations, and know what God is seeking to do in the world and what part in it He wants you to play . . . Most people crack up because they try to do what God never intended them to do. They destroy themselves by sinful ambition, just as much as the drunkard and drug addict. Ambition drives them on.”

So do yourself and your team a favour – buy it, and get it read!


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