The Battle For Christianity

There’s a new documentary, entitled The Battle for Christianity, that was aired on Tuesday night about the current state of Christianity in the UK. It was shown on the BBC (and is now on iPlayer), and was presented by Prof. Robert Beckford. It’s really interesting for a number of reasons:

  • Beckford notes that while in general Christianity is declining, in evangelical churches it’s growing.
  • The churches that are growing fastest are also the ones that hold the views that ‘society’ finds hard to swallow.
  • The churches that are growing fastest are the churches that are reaching and loving their communities with things like CAP, Foodbank, homeless shelters, street pastors etc.
  • Migration is a significant factor in shaping Britain’s contemporary Christianity.
  • The liberal intelligentsia have no idea what to do with all this. They get a bit upset that their own tribe are dying out fast. And they call on the evangelicals to be more tolerant (in a way that displays their own intolerance). And they wish the church was more in line with society!!

There’s a nice line from the youth and young adult pastor of Hillsong, London. He says ‘we innovate the method, not the message,’ which seems to be the opposite of that which is stood for by dying liberalism.

It’s well worth a watch on iPlayer. I found it both illuminating and encouraging. Enjoy, and Happy Easter! He is risen.


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