10 reasons to join a small group


I’ve put this out before, but hey, new year, new starts and all that. If you haven’t yet joined a small group at church here’s ten reasons why you should. If you’ve got a bit slack of late take this as a gentle encouragement, and something you can ‘ink in’ to your diary for 2016.

  1. You’ll find a warm welcome from friends who will encourage you and pray for you
  2. You’ll grow in your knowledge, love, and service of the Lord Jesus
  3. You’ll go deeper in applying God’s word to your life and situation
  4. You’ll find a place where you can use your gifts in encouraging and praying for others
  5. You’ll find a place to practically work out the 59 ‘one-anothers’ of the New Testament
  6. You’ll see, experience, and hear first-hand accounts of answered prayer
  7. You’ll get to experience the joy of accepting and offering hospitality
  8. You’ll enjoy great social times (which mostly revolve around food!)
  9. You’ll have a group of people to connect your friends into
  10. You’ll have a great time!

There you go – why wouldn’t you!? Give it a go, and add it to you resolutions for 2016.

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