Some Good Books From 2015

booksAs it customary in the weird and wonderful world of the blogosphere, here are some books that I enjoyed in the past year and would recommend to others to check out. There’s a mix of old/new, and Christian/non-Christian. I’ve also asterisked the books that are probably more aimed at pastors. And inclusion in this list does not mean I agree with every word – I simply found them enjoyable, edifying, illuminating, or stimulating. So, for what its worth, here’s a few things I enjoyed in 2015:

  • Michael Horton, Ordinary
  • Jamie Smith, Imagining the Kingdom*
  • Gerald Hiestand and Todd Wilson, The Pastor-Theologian*
  • Graham Beynon, Isaac Watts
  • Wendell Berry, Bringing It To The Table
  • Francis Schaeffer, The God Who Is There*
  • Karl Barth, Evangelical Theology*
  • Tim Keller, PrayerPreaching*
  • Simon Sinek, Leaders Eat Last
  • Eugene Peterson, Working the Angles*
  • Lesslie Newbigin, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society*
  • C.S.Lewis, The Weight of Glory
  • Hans Frei, Types of Christian Theology*
  • Richard Hays, Reading Backwards*
  • Michelle Magorian, Goodnight Mister Tom
  • Harper LeeTo Kill A Mockingbird
  • John Steinbeck, East of Eden
  • Bill Bryson, Notes From a Small Island; 1926
  • Mary Shelley, Frankenstein
  • Alex Ferguson, Leading

So there you have it. If you find a stranger mix out there do let me know. And do comment with any recommends for 2016.


One Reply to “Some Good Books From 2015”

  1. Hi Martin have you read Bryson’s latest book Road to Little Dribbling yet? Also worth a look Mark Watson’s novel Eleven. Agree Keller on preaching one of the top reads of last year. Chris Green Cutting to the heart too.

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