10 reasons to invite someone to a carol service

carolsThere are so many carol services and concerts of various kinds going on at this time of year, why not grab a friend and take them along. Here’s ten reasons why you won’t regret it:

  1. They’ll appreciate being asked – it’s an expression of interest and care for another human being, and that seldom goes unrewarded
  2. Lots of people like this kind of thing at this time of year – many many people still attend an act of worship at Christmas. Why? Presumably because we enjoy it. For many this isn’t seen as a curse to be endured, but an activity to be enjoyed.
  3. A ‘no’ is a win – it communicates that you thought enough of them to ask. They may not come this time, but you’ve begun to build a bridge with someone else. This is always a good thing.
  4. It’s a great demonstration of community – gathering together to sing familiar carols builds community feel-good factor. So often news is negative, so why not stand with others and appreciate the unity and positivity that exists in our often broken world.
  5. It’s great for building a bit of festive spirit – mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas jumpers . . . it all contributes to the warm fuzzy feeling of Christmas cheer.
  6. It’s an easy invite – trying to get your friend to your Morris dancing group or Mandarin class may feel like a tough ask, but who doesn’t love a bit of a Christmas sing-song?
  7. You might establish a new friendship – it’s a great way to build friendships with colleagues, neighbours, or the crochet crew . . . you could get together for some food or drinks after
  8. You can deepen an existing friendship – there’s something about the message of ‘peace on earth’ that brings people closer together. Don’t miss out on that.
  9. It’s the greatest news ever to introduce to someone – for those of us that believe that, as good as numbers 1-8 are, the greatest thing about Christmas is the message of a God who loved us enough to send his Son, this is the most important thing people will ever need to hear. Food, family, and presents are all great, but if you’re a Christian doesn’t your heart ache for people to hear about the God who loves them?
  10. It’ll stretch your courage, your faith, and will make you pray more – any invite comes with the fear of rejection (but see no. 3 above). If you’re super nervous about asking someone this is a good way to step out in faith and to be in prayer as you seek to share something of that which is so important to you. Give it a go. God might surprise you!

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