No Tyson, The Bible Doesn’t Say That

I confess to having winced more than a little as Tyson Fury waxed lyrical on the radio yesterday about his Christian views.

Apparently, according to Tyson, the Bible says that legalizing abortion, homosexuality, and paedophilia are all signs that the end of days has come. According to Tyson, ‘It’s in the Bible.’

To which I want to say, ‘No Tyson, it isn’t.’ I’m a minister of a church, have an MTh in Theology, and am currently midway through a PhD in Biblical Studies, and I can find no place where it says what Tyson claims it says. The gospel to all nations? Check (Matt 24:14); war, earthquake and famine? Check (Matt 24:15-22); False teachers? Check (Matt 24:23-24); General evil and wickedness? Check (2 Thess 2:1-10); The legalisation of abortion, homosexuality, and paedophilia? Nope. Could some of these things be considered under the category of general evil? Yes, but so could a whole host of other things. Could some of the passages about the end be about the fall of Jerusalem in AD70? Seems quite likely to me. Should these passages be related specifically to legislation in 21st c. Britain? I’m not sure it’s quite that simple. Ultimately, does the Bible say that the day and hour of Christ’s return is unknown? Yes (Matt 25:13).

So, if you’ve heard some weird things in the news about what Christians believe, based on Tyson’s interviews, I can assure you that he doesn’t speak for the vast majority of Christians.

However, in the words of Voltaire (if he did actually say it!), I disapprove of what you say, and I defend to the death your right to say it. All right, maybe not to death – I’m too much of a coward for all that – but really really strongly! Tyson’s certainly no Aristotle, with his logos, ethos, and pathos, but those aren’t the qualifiers for expressing a view. It’s no good the media goading him into saying something for the story, then demanding that he be silenced. Removing him from the Sports Personality of the Year is a ridiculous example of the thought police running rampant. The best way to deal with ideas is to discuss them, not shut them down. That way they can be seen for what they are and responded to accordingly. SPOTY is a public vote anyhow, so that will quickly reveal what people think of his views.  Taking ‘offence’ is such a slippery criteria for discussion. Your offence at his offence offends me in its offensive response. So what now friend? Shall we just discuss the weather and Bake Off? What are ‘acceptable’ views anyway? Who decides? Is it the view of the majority? Is Big Brother going to tell me what to think about issues that might cause disagreement with others. Is Thomas More’s Utopia George Orwell’s 1984?

3 Replies to “No Tyson, The Bible Doesn’t Say That”

  1. Did Fury incite to hatred or violence. No, he merely expressed his religious beliefs – if everyone had to conform to the modern day ‘prayerbook’ of political correctness 300 years of the development of tolerence would be lost in Britain and the ‘totalitolerance’ take its place.

  2. I don’t know, or agree with all the beliefs of Tyson Fury, but even if his beliefs are a little skewed or ill communicated, does he not have some good points to be picked up on and developed?

    Is it not written? When the Pharisees asked Jesus when would the Kingdom of God would come, he replied (and I highlight the word “just” for a reason”) : “JUST as it was in the days of Noah, so also it will be in the days of the Son of man.(Luke 17:26)

    Exercising a little exegesis; we learn that in the days of Noah, one of the key distinguishing features of his day was rampant Homosexuality. Just like today.

    Should we not use fury’s statement to defend the central truths, (and “The Truth), rather than jump on the populist bandwagon, to score personal approval from the world?.

    Is abortion not a truly wicked crime? The murdering on innocent babies? Will God not hold us accountable for this horrible evil?
    This and Paedophilla are truly wicked things,

    Jesus said about the last days, “because of the increase in wickedness the love of most will grow cold” (Matthew 24:12)

    Therefore one way or another all these things, whether it’s the legalisation of them or just their exponential recent growth, are indeed signs of the return of Yeshua!

    Shame God has to get a Boxer – a man who beats people up for a living; to say what the Nominal, Backslidden, Wordly and mostly ineffectual church will seldom say.

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