The Pastor Theologian

pastor theologian

I’ve just finished reading Todd Wilson and Gerald Hiestand’s book The Pastor Theologian in which they argue for a renewed vision of an ancient practise.

In essence the book argues that the academy and the church have drifted too far apart resulting in the ecclesial anaemia of the academy, and the theological anaemia of the church. The authors argue we need ‘ecclesial theologians’ – people who are rooted in pastoral ministry, yet theologically equipped and active at the highest levels. Toward the end of the book they off some suggested strategies to help aspiring pastor-theologians develop:

  • Get a PhD
  • Staff the vision
  • Get networked
  • Guard your study time
  • Read ecclesial theology (and other stuff)
  • Build study and writing leave into your schedule
  • Earn buy-in from your leadership
  • Let the necessity of love trump your love of truth

While I might not necessarily agree with everything in the book I’d highly recommend it to those who may be thinking in this area – it’s well written, cogently argued, and highly stimulating.


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