Wise Words on Words

waltke prov

Bruce Waltke’s commentary on Proverbs has a lovely paragraph summing up the Proverbial wisdom on how we should use our words. It comes in the form of a little phrase with an acronym – ‘Gentle BREATH’

  • Gentle (as opposed to harsh – Prov 15:1)
  • B – boasts not (Prov 27:1-2)
  • R – restrained (Prov 19:19; 17:14, 27-28)
  • E – eavesdrops not (no gossip – Prov 11:12-13
  • A – Apt (at the right time in the right way – Prov 15:2)
  • T – thoughtful (not rash – Prov 15:28; 18:13)
  • H – honest (Prov 8:7; 12:17-22)

Nice eh? Anything you’d want to add?


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