Heardy Highlights

Dyckhof,_Meerbusch-Büderich,_Wetterfahne_nahI had the privilege of being at a conference last week with an Aussie church leader called Andrew Heard. He leads a large (really large) church and has spent a lot of time thinking about why and how we do what we do. I came away with so many good things but here’s a few highlights:


  • We need some clear convictions that drive what we do
    • eg. the reality of eternity, the brevity of life, the cross as the only way, the church as the means by which the message gets out
  • We need to be output driven, not input driven. Maturity is an output; Bible-study is an input – important to get them the right way round as inputs influence outputs.
  • We need to take responsibility and not hide behind ‘faithfulness’ language.
  • We need to be brave enough to say ‘no’ to good things if they distract from the best things.
    • ‘change happens when the pain of ‘not change’ is greater than the pain of change’
  • As the church grows we need to move from ‘doing ministry’ to ‘being responsible for it being done.’
  • Senior leaders need to do three main things:
    • secure the health of your team – invest in their all round well being
    • multiply your team – more workers means more ministry
    • mobilize resources – they will always be limited so you have to make some tough choices about where those scarce resources are deployed
  • Pastoral care isn’t antithetical to organization – actually you need to organize to ensure more people get cared for. If you try to do it all yourself there will be lots of people not getting cared for.
  • Take time to reflect – an hour a week; a day a term; a weekend a year – just to keep reflecting on some of this structural/strategy stuff
  • Make sure it’s your convictions, vision and values that drive – our strategy isn’t infallible and so we don’t want people to be committed to that – we do want folk to share convictions

There was a ton more great stuff – I’d encourage you to check out some of his material online at EV church or Geneva Push.

2 Replies to “Heardy Highlights”

  1. We were privileged to be with Andrew Heard this time last year on the opening of EV church in Aus….Like what he says esp re organizing pastoral care. We have a stab at this from time to time then it gets shoved on the back burner again… Also encouraging growing and mobilizing teams…..this I think we’re working hard on. Nic

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