Paradoxes of Leadership

Here’s a little something my boss passed on to me which I think is insightful:

11 Paradoxes of Leadership
  • To be able to build a close relationship with one’s staff and to keep a suitable distance
  • To be able to lead and to hold oneself in the background
  • To trust one’s staff and to keep an eye on what is happening
  • To be tolerant and to know how you want things to function
  • To keep the goals of one’s department in mind and at the same time to be loyal to the organisation
  • To do a good job of planning your own time and to be flexible with your schedule
  • To freely express your view and to be diplomatic
  • To be a visionary and to keep one’s feet on the ground
  • To try to win consensus and to be able to cut through
  • To be dynamic and to be reflective
  • To be sure of yourself and to be humble

One Reply to “Paradoxes of Leadership”

  1. Brilliant.
    What a balancing act. But when it is successfully put into practice, it is a rare and beautiful thing to witness. And makes for very happy followers.

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