Find Your Sweet-Spot

A friend introduced me to a little management tool he’d come across that I thought was useful enough to share. First, a diagram:


The basic idea is that your staff (and you) will be happiest when you find your sweet-spot – that place where what you should do, what you actually do, and what you enjoy doing intersect. Of course there are seasons and activities which mean we’ll necessarily operate outside of the sweet-spot, but in general you’ll get most out of yourself and others if you operate mostly within it. The tricky thing (for most of us I suspect) is actually putting this stuff into practise.



2 Replies to “Find Your Sweet-Spot”

  1. I think this is common sense to some degree. But in working for a church we have to do so much outside of the sweet spot it’s hard to pin down. Probably quite helpful for our volunteers though.

  2. Hi Martin, this is one of Marcus Buckingham ‘ main points in First Break All the Rules. Implications for leaders include ensure your team can say that they do what they enjoy every day and also don’t try to be or find all rounders who can do everything the whole team is the all rounder bring in the people who can do well and enjoy doing well what you csn ‘ or don’t

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