Read Along With Me: Chesterton’s Orthodoxy


Just before Christmas I was bed-bound with a very severe case of man-flu; there were points where I thought I might not make it. Unsurprisingly my beloved was unsympathetic. However, on the plus side, my affliction did present me the opportunity to re-read a book I first enjoyed reading a few years ago: G.K. Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. Reading it again did nothing to dampen my enthusiasm, and I thought I’d blog my way through the book over the next couple of months – one post a week. So if you’d like to get a copy (free on kindle!) and join the adventure I’ll be posting chapter summaries once a week beginning in February. I won’t do much in the way of analysis – more stringing together my favourite quotes. Anyways, I’ll be having fun – you’re welcome to join me.

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