Simplify: Practices To Unclutter Your Soul











At the recent GLS I attended I picked up a copy of Bill Hybels’ latest book, Simplify. The subtitle is ‘ten practices to unclutter your soul.’ His stuff on finance and seasons of life was good. Some of the other stuff was ok, but perhaps a bit obvious. The value of the book for me was the opening two chapters on ‘replenishing your energy’ and ‘harnessing your calendar’s power.’ This is stuff I need to be regularly reminded of.

In the opening chapter Hybels’ 5 keys to replenishment are:

  1. Connect with God
  2. Invest in family
  3. Find satisfying work
  4. Enjoy recreation
  5. Get regular exercise (he also includes the importance of diet and sleep under this heading)

I guess many of us in ministry jobs are ok at number 3 but probably have work to do on the other four. Chapter 2 gives the profoundly simple (yet unbelievably difficult) solution. Here it is. Are you ready?

Take charge of your schedule.

That’s it. If you think it’s important, schedule it! I don’t know about you but my calendar is pretty much full of just ‘work’ stuff. But if I think exercise, or date night, or family time, or prayer time is important I should schedule it – and schedule it every bit as seriously as other meetings and appointments. I’ve got to be honest and say I haven’t put this into practise yet but it’s one of my new year aims – to take greater charge of my schedule, that I can serve God better in the various spheres he has called me into.


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