Top Christmas Vids


Due to a serious dose of man-flu I’m a bit late to the party this year. For some the big carol services have already passed. For others they’re coming up this weekend and you might be looking around for that perfect video to use as part of the service. Well, here’s a few of my favourites (in no particular order, but the ones in bold I really like!):

A couple of extra things to say. First, live performed music is more powerful than a music video, but a video is always better than not so good live music. Second, don’t underestimate the power of good art. Some videos I’ve seen this year (none of the above) have had a strong message but a less than great production quality. I’d rather have a softer message and higher aesthetic quality (presuming I’m not letting the video do all my communicating for me!). Visitors will appreciate good art even if they don’t agree with the message yet. They will almost certainly be put off by poor quality media.
Any thoughts? What am I missing? Who have I forgotten?

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