10 Second Sermons

10secHere’s a fun little resource from comedian Milton Jones called 10 Second Sermons. Milton Jones is the daddy of one-liners and he combines his brilliant wit with his faith to provide us with some great ways to laugh out ourselves and provoke some serious thought. It’s only 80 pages with large print, pictures etc. It’s the kind of book you could have next to you when you prepare talks or on the coffee table in your living room. It’s winsome charm will disarm the most ardent sceptic. Here’s just a few of his nuggets:

“Christianity is like a Cornish pastie. There’s something in it, but sometimes it’s difficult to find out what it is exactly.”

[Church is like] “a baseball bat. For most of the time they play a nice little game with their friends. Then once a year they go out into the High Stree and hit someone over the head with it.”

“God is Calvin Klein. We are pants.”

“Salvation is like being returned to factory settings. But you have to admit there is a factory, and that there could be some settings.”

You’ll have to buy the book the get the rest.


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