How to create a healthier work culture

This will be my final post on things I picked up from this years Global Leadership Summit. In the opening session Bill Hybels’ addressed a number of topics, first of which was how you create a healthier culture in your organisation. His reflections were incredibly honest and his suggestions insightful. He gives five as follows:

  1. Get some outside objective input – Hybels hired an outside firm to come and evaluate the culture health of Willow Creek. It was painful, but he said they’d have never got that level of honesty trying to do it themselves. If you’re serious, pay the money and do it properly. Hire an outside consultant.
  2. Own the turnaround. The senior pastor has to take charge of the organisation’s culture. Hybels argues its far too important to delegate. Again, if you’re serious about this issue then take responsibility.
  3. Train people – make sure they are equipped and appropriately challenged in their roles. People want to have a sense of real significance in their role.
  4. Honest reviews – make your reviews regular (he suggests 6 monthly) and specific – what needs starting, what needs stopping, and what needs to be continued. More than just work based – take an interest in the whole person – they aren’t a resource to be spent and discarded.
  5. Work at conflict resolution – train people to deal with unresolved issues, don’t let stuff fester.

Hybels reminded us that people don’t leave jobs or companies, they leave managers. The health of the organisations culture is the responsibility of the senior leader and its too important not to take seriously.


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