Your Inner Negotiators











I attended a day of the Global Leadership Summit last Friday and, as per usual, found it immensely helpful and profitable. I’ll be sharing some of the insights over the next few posts.

This time I’d like to introduce you to Erica Ariel Fox. She’s written a book called Winning from Within which is concerned with addressing your own ‘inner negotiators’ – those things that make you tick. She argues that most of us have four as follows:

  1. Dreamer – looking toward a vision of a preferred future
  2. Thinker – analyzing, considering facts and data
  3. Love – emotional, relational, needs to feel valued
  4. Warrior – action orientated, gets stuff done

Fox argues that there’s something of each one in all of us though for most one or two will be particularly dominant. Her insights are useful not just for ourselves but for thinking about how we interact with others. What is someone else’s dominant negotiator? Does that change the way you interact with them? I think there’s an application to preachers as well here. Given there will be different personalities listening each week we need to try and hit each of these when we speak – the dreamer, thinker, lover, and warrior.

I’ve been prodded to think more about this stuff again recently. Later in the week I’ll develop some of this stuff in a more personal direction. For now, you can get Erica’s book here.


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