7 habits of highly ineffective leaders

Leader-Who-LastAt college one of my tutors recommended a book by Dave Kraft called Leaders Who LastA few friends also highly recommended it. I’ve finally got round to reading it! And they were right – it is excellent. It’s biblical, wise, practical, and strategic. The book covers areas such as calling, gifts, character, priorities, pacing, and legacy. Each section of the book has a ‘think it through’ section which is good for team discussion, and the book is accessible and easy to read. To whet your appetite here’s Kraft’s 7 habits of highly ineffective leaders:

  1. They spend too much time managing and not enough time leading
  2. They spend too much time counselling the hurting people and not enough time developing the people with potential [note he’s not saying you shouldn’t counsel people; he is saying think about time allocation]
  3. They spend too much time putting out fires and not enough time lighting fires
  4. They spend too much time doing and not enough time planning
  5. They spend too much time teaching the crowd and not enough time training the core
  6. They spend too much time doing it themselves and not enough time doing it through others
  7. They make too many decisions based on organizational politics and too few decisions based on biblical principles

Of course the question is how much time is too much time – I guess he’s deliberately not being prescriptive – it’s a matter or priority and emphasis that may need to be considered in each case. Anyway, if like me you’re late to this book’s party, sneak in quietly at the back and enjoy – you’ll be glad you did.


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