Why Tithing is Good For You

moneyHere’s N.T.Wright on why tithing is actually good for us:

The regular habit of giving money is a further practice which forms the hearts and lives of God’s people. Once more, this can become a hollow ritual or can, even worse, transform itself into the settled habit of people’s minds which thinks, “The church is always asking us for money” or “God owes me a favour because I’ve written him a check.” Don’t let the parodies put you off. The habit of giving, of giving generously, is not an extra option for keen Christians. It is absolutely obligatory on all – because our whole calling is to reflect God the creator, and the main thing we know about this true God is that his very nature is self-giving, generous love. The reason why “God loves a cheerful giver” (2 Cor 9.7) is that that’s what God himself is like. Someone like that is a person after God’s own heart. Making a regular formal, and public practice of giving of money is designed to generate the habit of heart which forms a key part of what meant by agape love.


NTW, Virtue Reborn, p. 243.

So if you want to grow in Christ-like self-giving service, the wallet is a good place to practise.


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