New Book On Leadership for UK Church Scene

evansShameless plug alert! My boss, and Senior Pastor, here at Grace Community Church, Bedford has written a book on practical church leadership for a UK context. It’s out tomorrow and you can order yours now – best price is at Having read the manuscript and been exposed to many of the ideas in discussion I can say that the material in the book is insightful, practical, helpful, and perhaps most important of all, doable. For the price of a pie and pint you can have three decades of practical church experience that has really worked. I don’t think there’s another book quite like it for the UK church scene so get it, read it, apply it – you’ll be glad you did.


One Reply to “New Book On Leadership for UK Church Scene”

  1. Remember Ray speaking on the practicalities of church life at Rochester years ago. He so inspired our young people that they had “Keep the Main thing the main thing” T-Shirts made. So I’m sure this will be a fantastic book

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