Bible App For Kids

bibleappThe good folks behind the YouVersion Bible app released a Bible app for kids late last year. We’ve had it on the iPad for a few months now and we (and our kids) really really like it. Here’s why:

  1. It’s free – yes, we’re tight and we’ll try most things that don’t cost anything
  2. It’s really nicely produced. The illustration and animation is great, and it’s designed to be used and accessed by kids
  3. It’s interactive – there are little things to do and press in the animations and there are little quiz questions running through to reinforce learning
  4. It’s works at different ages – little ones can have the story read to them; older ones can explore and read more on their own
  5. Our kids love it – they often ask ‘can we go on the bible app’ which is music to our ears.

So far there aren’t loads of stories available – creation, fall, gospel stories – but they are developing more which will be released over time. So if you want a free, well produced resource, that kids will love what have you got to lose?

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