Bible Verses We Don’t Really Believe

singleI’m thinking of putting together a little series on ‘Bible verses we don’t really believe.’ I’d love it if you could chip in your suggestions for verses to go into the series.

Perhaps one of them would be 1 Cor 7:7 which seems to suggest that singleness is a gift. My own perception of Christian talk on this is that many talk and act as if singleness is a curse. I appreciate that many people struggle massively with the pain of loneliness, unrealised hopes, social pressure, the prospect of never having their own family; and I know that I personally know next to nothing about those feelings as a husband and father. But it seems to me that in Christian world married people are seen as blessed, while singles are seen as being in the blessing waiting room.

Our culture has such an obsession with finding identity through sex and relationships that it’s not a surprise that many Christians buy into it. Perhaps revealing is something I’ve come across a couple of times – a godly single person wondering why God isn’t blessing them, since they are seeking to honour God in their singleness. All of this betrays the basic feeling that singleness is a curse. We must keep taking truth to our hearts and remind ourselves that, contrary to the gospel of the culture, a spouse is not a Saviour. For Paul, a spouse comes with one kind of blessing (and trouble), and singleness with another kind of blessing (and trouble), but ultimately one is no more blessed by God than the other.

Of course I know that many people will nod heartily and affirm they believe this – until it’s them, or their child, or the next peer gets engaged, and then the internal whirring reveals our deepest beliefs on the subject again.

What verses/topics would you include in such a series?

6 Replies to “Bible Verses We Don’t Really Believe”

  1. Thanks for this Martin, singleness is a tough one for many.

    Good idea for a series I might just pinch that at some point… a couple of others I might add in are…
    Matt 6:24 – what Jesus says about money
    Matt 18:21,22 – what Jesus says about forgiveness
    I mentally assent but the temptation always is to functionally ignore.

  2. That would be a good topic to talk about! Off the top of my head I was thinking Matt. 6:25-34 or Phillipians 4:6-7. Talking about not being anxious or not worrying about life and food or anything!

  3. Great subject for a series! For me it’s a question of faith not belief. God’s Word has ultimate authority and Christians believe in the inerrancy of His Word and that ‘belief’ forms the foundation on which we build our lives. If one is going to build upon that foundation, they must have continued faith to support and uphold the original foundational belief. Without faith, we allow the world’s version of things to overshadow God’s Word, resulting in our disbelief of His ultimate authority. Thought provoking! I will have to prayerfully consider this more before I suggest any verses. Thanks and God bless.

  4. By the way on the 1Cor 7 you may well find that preaching it isn’t appreciated by all -not that I think you shouldn’t preach it. Just that I get the feeling that there are three types of people in church -at whatever stage they are in life.

    Those who are content with their circumstance, those who are struggling but seeking to be faithful and keep on and those who will always feel that the church simply doesn’t get them or understand them whatever their circumstances -if they are single then the church will be all about families, if they have children then your church won’t be child friendly, will have let their teenager down etc.

    The first and second groups will appreciate what you say -they may well have much advice to offer about what to say. The third group will find fault in whatever you say -you won’t understand their unique type of singleness, your comments will be patronising…

    Those folk will need the sermon on how Christ loves the church first

  5. Hey Martin. A couple of passages / subjects that came to my mind were:

    1) The notion of different rewards AND punishments, based on Luke 12: 47-48 and 1 Corinthians 3:12-15, that it doesn’t seem quite as simple as a straight heaven/hell split;

    2) Forgiveness of future sins accomplished when we are justified: legally, I suppose, I get it, but the idea that Christ paid for and has forgiven sins I haven’t even done yet still staggers me! I don’t know what would be the classic Bible passage, perhaps Romans 8:29ff – if there’s others that have been historically used / helpful, it would be good to look at those.

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