A New Evangelistic Resource to Consider?

what's it all aboutExciting news! Yesterday 10ofthose released a new little book (yes, written by moi) designed to be used as an evangelistic resource. So I thought I’d take the liberty of explaining a little more about it. It’s only a short book (45 pages) and asks (without necessarily answering) six big questions. They are:

  1. Where do we come from?
  2. What are we here for?
  3. Where are we going?
  4. What’s wrong?
  5. What’s the solution?
  6. How do we know?

The point is to suggest that everyone has some kind of answer to these questions, and the way in which you answer shows you something of your own way of viewing life, the universe, and everything else – we might dare to call it your ‘faith.’ Everyone has one – it’s just a case of whether its been thought through. The questions form a little ‘worldview’ diagram which hopefully makes it easy to remember. I give my two-penneth briefly at the end but I’m really trying to provoke some thought and conversation so the book is not a full-on gospel presentation – more a suggestion to ponder. It’s dead cheap (cheaper if you buy in bulk) and I’d hope it’s the kind of book people buy, read, and give away. It might be a good tool in the run up to a passion for life. Just to be clear, I don’t make any money out of it – that’s not why I’m plugging it – I’m plugging it because I hope it might be a genuinely useful evangelistic tool. If you can, have a look, and let me know what you think – better still leave a review at 10ofthose.com.

2 Replies to “A New Evangelistic Resource to Consider?”

  1. Hi Martin
    Looks good! Do you reckon this is mainly for adults, or would you suggest it for teenagers too? Thinking camp bookstalls etc.

    (I appreciate I could find the answer myself by reading it – and I will after the end of term!)

    1. Hi JB – definitely for older teens and students too – think guys doing some GCSE or A-level philosophy religious studies. I gave a load away to our teens and they enjoyed it (i think) so definitely go grab a load for camp – only £1 each if you buy 100 – you could make it a gift to each camper. Blessings on y’all

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