Multipliers and Diminishers

Liz Wiseman has written a book entitled Multipliers in which she describes the ways in which leaders enable their peeps to flourish or flounder. She delivered a talk at the recent Global Leadership Summit.
Here’s my notes:

Liz Wiseman – Multipliers

Diminishers and multipliers – some sap energy, enthusiasm, ability; some manage to multiply, magnify and amplify the talents of others.

Diminishers (the glass (of employees or volunteers) is half empty)

– empire builder – hoards resources, under utilises talent. Hire people beneath them.
– tyrant – suppressing, domineering
– know it all – directive, show off their knowledge
– decision maker – centralised
– micro manager – drives, controls

Multipliers (the glass is half full)

– talent magnet – attracts and utilises. Hire people better than themselves
– liberator – releases people, empowers
– challenger – stretches people and develops them
– debate makers – decisions made through debate and counsel
– investor – gives others ownership and invests in their success

This is a spectrum and many of us are accidental diminishers (eg. idea guy, high energy guy, rescue guy, pace-setter, rapid responder, optimist) – trying to be omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent is a diminisher to others. Here’s how to help yourself…

– hire tens
– give people responsibility
– ask questions and let others find the answers
– stretch people
– regular praisings



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