Leadership is like sailing

sailingI’ve just returned from the FIEC annual leaders conference.It was a great time being encouraged with great ministry and fellowship, but the highlight for me this year was FIEC Australia’s Andrew Heard. He leads a church in NSW of some 3000, and he had some brilliant material on leadership which I hope to share more fully in a subsequent post. Here’s a little nugget he shared over lunch. Leadership is like sailing. First you have to know clearly where you are and where you want to get to. Second, you have to plot a course to get there which may involve a bit of tacking etc. Third, once you’re on your way the wind and water may change things such that you have to make some course corrections as you go. That’s leadership in a nutshell – know where you are and where you want to be, plot a course, and make necessary corrections along the way. Hopefully that’ll whet your appetite for some fuller reflections in due course.


One Reply to “Leadership is like sailing”

  1. I once worked for a chap who was the Business Improvement Manager of our company. He said that change management was like wind surfing. You sometimes had to sit patiently and wait for the right wave

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