Three P’s which could make or break you

cloudHere’s the summary of my notes from Henry Cloud’s talk at the Global Leadership Summit:

1. Leaders must take charge of themselves – this is the hardest thing!
2. Leaders who overcome the negative (emotion/thought) spiral think, feel, and behave differently.
3. The biggest factor in overcoming and succeeding is positive belief. Optimists outperform pessimists every time. Pessimists hit trouble and end up in a sort of ‘learned helplessness.’
4. The three ‘P’s that happen to the brain when things don’t happen as hoped:
– personal – take it all personally – its me, it’s my fault, I’m stupid, I’m to blame
– pervasive – Everybody thinks likewise – everybody thinks I suck, my whole life sucks.
– permanent – it’s always going to be this way. It’ll never change.
5. Even the best performers can fall prey to this in their thinking. BUT there is a way out…
6. Reverse the three ‘P’s
– log the negative thoughts and dispute them
– see your life as a movie not a scene – one bad scene doesn’t make a bad movie.
– take back control. Write down two columns – one column of things you can control, and one column of things you can’t control. Leave the stuff you can’t at the door, work on what you can.
– connect. Others help you feel loved and gain perspective. Don’t get isolated…you’re brain plays tricks on you.
– Be aware that the three Ps happen to us all – it’s normal and ok – but don’t let them control you.

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