What kids really need

x factorI’ll admit it – I watch the X-Factor. What is more, I quite enjoy it. I’m sorry, I know it’s wrong, but there it is. I’m not sure why I enjoy it because most of the time it winds me right up. Like, for example, this past weekend at judges houses. Contestants are almost through to the live televised shows. If they can make it through this then they’ll perform before millions on live telly. Time and time again contestants broke down sobbing (none more so than the over 25s) expressing the belief that they couldn’t possibly let their families down. It would be the end of the world if they had to tell their children they hadn’t made it. Armageddon would immediately ensue if they couldn’t provide for their children the better life they deserve (deserve! don’t get me started). But where do they get this crazy idea that a) their kids deserve a materially prosperous life and b) that is what their kids really need. It’s like their lives are ruined if mummy or daddy don’t get through. All of this was made most plain at the end, when they film these poor dejected rejects going home to break the bad news to their families. One guy (Joseph) walked in all tearful and forlorn to tell his family that Sharon had said no. As soon as he walked in his little boy’s eyes lit up; he ran across the room and threw his arms around his dad beaming from ear to ear. Then dad dropped the bomb. And guess what? His kid couldn’t have cared less – he still clung to dad, laughing, grinning, eyes sparkling, that the most important man in his life was home. Kids don’t need money, cars, houses, fancy schools. What kids want and need is YOU!


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