The application of incommunicable attributes

Historically theologians have distinguished between God’s communicable and incommunicable attributes. His communicable attributes are those things which we, in some way, express by virtue of being made in his image – things like love, goodness, kindness etc.
By contrast his incommunicable attributes are those things he possesses but we don’t – omnipresence, omnipotence, and omniscience. I’m reading a book by Zack Eswine at the moment entitled Sensing Jesus, and he helpfully applies what should be blinkin’ obvious, but is often forgotten by those with many years of theological training. Here’s the insight – brace yourselves: you don’t have to try and image God’s incommunicable attributes! So you don’t have to be everywhere at once, know everything at once, fix everything at once. It’s ok to be finite and, well, human. I guess we all, but I suspect pastors in particular, struggle with this. We’re often people pleasing control freaks. But the application of the doctrine of incommunicable attributes calls you (liberates you) to let you be you, and let God be God. Sola Dei Gloria.

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