Why meet twice on a Sunday?

dawnAs a church we put quite a high premium on meeting twice on a Sunday. I know not everyone does, and that’s fine, but here’s a couple of reasons why we think it’s a good thing:

1. Practically we have shift workers and parents of toddlers. If you have to work shifts on a Sunday, you’re still able (hopefully) to make one of our other services. And if you do we’ll all try and be there so you’re not left alone. If we all decided to drop the evening service the person who’s worked an early shift finds none of their friends are there – not cool. Similarly, if you’re fielding little people at the morning service its nice to be able to come out on your own in the evening and enjoy some adult company. Practically it’s a way of expressing love for others – we go out of our way to try and make sure people have a meaningful Sunday experience and that’s a church-wide project.

2. Second, Sunday is resurrection day. Why did the early church move their gatherings from the Sabbath to the first day of the week? Cos its resurrection day. And what does resurrection signify? The dawning of new creation – Spring has Sprung. Sure it’s still a bit wintry as spring days often are but the corner is turned and the dawn of new creation has begun. So what? So resurrection day is new creation day – its a time to, in a very small way, anticipate something of new creation. So we gather together as God’s people, hear from God, sing to him and worship him, and enjoy time with God and one another – and its an all day thing. So we meet together in the morning, eat with people at lunch, enjoy recreation if the afternoon, meet together in the evening, go home, go to bed. It’s an all day celebration of resurrection day in anticipation of new creation day.

So there you have it. Two simple reasons why meeting twice on a Sunday is a gooooood thing.


4 Replies to “Why meet twice on a Sunday?”

  1. We have been gradually building up a Sunday evening gathering from scratch. Really hard work at the start but this year we’ve started to see some encouragements. Interestingly it seemed to be that when we moved to two Sunday morning meetings that and unexpected benefit was a boost to Sunday evenings because it changed the shape/outlook of church life from the sacred hour and a half from 10:30. Some people realised that if circumstances meant they would miss 11:15, they could come a bit earlier at 9:30 (and if your family struggled to get out for 9:30 one morning to switch the other way). And then we began to see people doing the same Sunday evenings. We have a mixture now of people who come back in the evening and those who primarily come to that meeting. Our evenings have much more of a focus on interaction, café style with food and then discussion questions.

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