My two favourite cloud based productivity tools

Ok tech fans and computer nerds – I know, I know – I’m half Philistine and half Luddite, and all of you are already using these things, but it is just my sneaking suspicion that there are some, somewhere, like me, who might yet benefit from this hopelessly out-dated advice. Frankly, if you’re reading my blog, you’re probably not that ‘up to date’ anyway – ouch, I got burned!

So the two things which I’ve started using in the past 6 months which have helped me enormously are – wait for it, drum roll – Evernote and Feedly. 

cardMost of you already know about Evernote. It’s basically a way of taking notes and organising them by categories. So every time I come across a good illustration, quote, news story, or blog article I note it down under the relevant assigned heading in my Evernote book. Think about a card index all stored in the cloud. It’s fully searchable and you assign headings as you please. Then, when you’re prepping and you want to see if you have any great quotes or illustrations on a topic, open up Evernote, search your headings or a key term and see what you’ve got. Over the course of a couple of years you can build up quite a useful library that really works for you.

newsFeedly is a more recent discovery. It works like a news feed essentially. You put in your ‘feed’ all your favourite blogs or websites or whatever. It then generates a constantly updated news feed for you to go browse whenever you like. I have about 20 sites in my feed and rather than spending an age trawling each and every individual site I just go straight to my Feedly and can scan in 10 minutes all the headlines from those sites and follow up any that interest me – saves heaps of time!

And the best thing about both, tech lovers, is that they are also available in app form on your phone or tablet. So you can update and stay up to date wherever you are. If you don’t yet use them, go and investigate now! Any other such tools I should be using???

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