Why I Hate Funerals

funeralSo here are the caveats first: I don’t hate taking funerals or spending time with grieving people – it’s a necessary and important part of my job to offer words of hope and encouragement where possible. And I don’t hate the fruit that comes from death – i.e. the soul departing to be with the Lord and the anticipation of the final resurrection to eternal life in the new heaven and new earth. Clearly those are great, wonderful, incredible, and priceless things. But nevertheless, I still hate being at a graveside and seeing the fruit of the fall and Satan’s scheming. Sometimes I hear people say they like a good funeral (I’ve heard pastors say this) and there seem to be some people who are at every funeral going, like they get some kind of weird pleasure out of it. But for me, death is a curse. Humans weren’t originally created to die – we often forget this. Death is not natural. It’s unnatural. It’s the fruit of Adam and Eve’s disobedience. It’s the fruit of Satan’s work. It’s awful, horrible, painful, shattering, and grievous. If you understand Gen 3 you too, like Jesus in John 11, should hate funerals. [with all the opening caveats in place!]


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