Best resources on Deuteronomy

A part of my PhD thesis has been working through Deut 1-11 and having just got past Deut 7 I thought I’d share my top recommends for resources to help understand and teach the book:
If you want technical help:

  • McConville, Deuteronomy (AOTC)
  • Nelson, Deuteronomy (OTL)
  • Weinfeld, Deuteronomy 1-11 (AB)

If you want theological reflection for preaching

  • Wright, Deuteronomy (NIBC)
  • Olson, Deuteronomy and the Death of Moses
  • Brueggemann, Deuteronomy (Abingdon)

And a couple I’ve only dipped into as yet but will no doubt prove excellent

  • Block, Deuteronomy (NIVAC)
  • Robson, Honey from the Rock.

If I could have only two (ha, ridiculous) I’d have McConville and Wright. If I could have just a couple more it’d be Olson and Brueggemann.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reacquainting myself with Deut as a book. It’s like good coffee – rich with a nice after taste. That sucker will preach, so go, go now, and do it.

One Reply to “Best resources on Deuteronomy”

  1. Thanks mate. I’m very light on Deut (I have Wright and Harman from Focus on the Bible). Looks like McConville should be the next buy. Would love to tell my new readers we’re going to spend the year preaching Deut (not sure they would…). What’s Craigie like?

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