Boettner on freedom under law

lawHere’s a lovely quote I came across the other day from Loraine’s Boettner’s The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination on the freedom of life that comes from following God’s ways:

“The spiritual law, like the civil law, is “not a terror to the good work, but to the evil”; and we find a good analogy for this in human affairs. Compare the law-abiding citizen and the criminal. The law-abiding citizen goes about his affairs day after day unconscious of most of the laws of the state and nation in which he lives. He looks to the government officials and to the police as his friends. They represent constituted authority which he respects and in which he delights. He is a free man. For him the law exists only as the protector of his life, his loved ones, and his property. But when we look at the criminal the whole picture is changed. He probably knows more about the statutes than does the law-abiding man. He studies them in order that he may evade them and defeat their purpose. He lives in fear. He defends his secret room with bullet-proof doors, and carries a revolver for fear of what the police or other people may do to him. He is under constant bondage. His idea of liberty is to eliminate the police, corrupt the courts, and bring into general disrepute the laws and customs of society on which he tries to prey.”



One Reply to “Boettner on freedom under law”

  1. A brilliant quote (chimes in with what we are seeing as we work through Romans). One thing I’ve been learning is that God’s Law is always more loving, merciful and full of grace than our human attempts at mercy.

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