Leaders – your appraisal matters

appraisalSo I had my appraisal last night, which, to my surprise was actually a rather enjoyable experience. I’m not a masochist or anything – I don’t get off by being beaten with sticks; but there’s something about the wounds of a friend which are tremendously helpful in development and improvement. Here are a few reasons why I think they matter:

1. You ain’t peaked yet – at least I hope not. I hope we’ve all got more to learn, and new ways to develop. To do that we need some constructive criticism, feedback, and input.
2. You’ll have blindspots – things which you weren’t aware were weaknesses. If you’re going to improve as a leader you need to be aware of them and seek help addressing them.
3. It gives you space to discuss your own frustrations or hopes and dreams. Sometimes in the busyness of it all you struggle to find space to step back and evaluate what’s going on. And sometimes we’re too proud to acknowledge we’re struggling and ask for help.
4. It’s good for others to encourage you in what you’re good at. Of course we don’t do it for that, but nevertheless it’s nice when others recognise hard work and God’s gifts.
5. It strengthens relational bonds between you and your team. A strong relationship is strengthened by honesty not weakened by it. It’s good to be straight with each other – if they don’t tell you who will?

So phone your employee or employer and get it in the diary. Do it now!

5 Replies to “Leaders – your appraisal matters”

  1. ….joking apart -is there actually a place for saying that we HAVe peaked in certain areas. I have to recognise that I passed my physical sporting peak years ago …I’m not going to be called up for England now. There’s going to be a peak in terms of intellect. Infact we can relax about those things knowing that we are still growing in other areas and some things will decline but that means other gifts come into play.

    ..then there are things I am nowhere near the peak on -sanctification being the obvious one -til we see him face to face and presumably giving the forever and ever ness there’s stuff that we are not even on the foothills with regards to -singing His praise and glory.

  2. indeed … I’d also add

    1. .A constructive/planned appraisal is much better than some of the other ways that these things can be fed back -the rumour mill, the lengthy email, the bruising church meeting. So proactively seeking it out/planning it in is v wise

    2. Not all churches are structured for a traditional employer/employee type appraisal. Helpful then to think in terms of how a lot of workplaces use 360 reviews where it isn’t just your manager who feeds back but you get feedback from different people who relate to you differently -a member of the congregation, a trustee, a fellow elder, another pastor who might visit and preach …and might hear you preach from time to time ….

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