The 10 ‘p’s of good children’s talks

downloadHere’s a little something I shared last weekend with our team of folks who do kids talks:

The 10 P’s

  1. Preparation – don’t leave it til Saturday night – let it brew
  2. Prayer – we pray for everything else; why not our kids talks
  3. Practice – stand up in front of a mirror and practice delivering your talk 3 times – it makes all the difference
  4. Props – is there an object you can use an a visual aid or illustration
  5. Participation – are there ways in which audience participation could help
  6. Powerpoint – have you got some good images or perhaps even a video clip you could use
  7. Point (singular!) – what’s the one big idea you want to get across – zero in on that
  8. Passion – look interested. If you look bored they will feel bored. Give it some energy
  9. Presence – difficult to define this, but I think you can increase it through varying things like pitch and pace
  10. Problems/pitfalls – avoid trying to say too much; avoid moralising; don’t be too long – we aim at 5 mins for 5 year olds (actually that means most people do 7 mins for 7 year olds which is fine; what’s usually not fine unless you’re very good indeed is 10 mins for 10 year olds).

We’ve tended to find that the best kids talk have the ability to draw in people of all ages. They also serve to fill in all sorts of Bible material that many new Christians don’t know but are too embarrassed to ask. So why not get your team of folks who do kids talks together and run through the ten p’s. We also then often like to share ideas for an upcoming series – get’s the creative juices flowing and generates some great ideas.

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