Packer on Joy

packerHere’s a little something for your Evernote workbooks. I’m prepping a sermon this week on joy and I came across a lovely quote from Jim Packer. It’s in a little volume entitled Laid Back Religion. In the chapter on joy he writes:

“Grief, desolation, and pain are feelings triggered by present situations, but faith produces joy, hope, and peace at all times. This does not mean that grief, desolation, and pain cease to be felt (that idea is inhuman); it means that something else is experienced alongside the hurt. It becomes possible for Christians today, like Paul long ago, to be ‘sorrowful, yet always rejoicing’ (2 Cor. 6:10).”


One Reply to “Packer on Joy”

  1. Great stuff Martin! I’m amazed by how everytime anyone comes to preach on Joy, this chapter is often the main (or only) thing recommended. Love to hear what else you come across – as well of course as hearing YOUR work on this much neglected Christian virtue/duty. (i.e. please put something online!)

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