Anthropology for Preachers

watchingI was sat in a homegroup recently and an Egyptian lady mentioned reading an insightful and humorous book about the English. Sounds interesting I thought. So I ordered a copy and have just read the first hundred pages or so. It’s written by Kate Fox and is entitled Watching the English. And it is indeed a humorous and insightful look at English behaviour and customs. Like a good stand-up comic Fox has the ability to observe and describe in a way that makes the reader squirm with the accuracy of her description. For preachers I think this is interesting as it gives you an insight into what makes people tick. Ok, so it’s really about an English audience but I’m sure there must be equivalents for other cultures. The point is, it made me realise that a rudimentary appreciation of anthropology is key to connecting with an audience. You can pick up Fox’s book used for one pence on Amazon. It’s fun and useful – how often can you say that!?


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