Tim Keller’s Center Church

kellerHere is a once in a generation book that will be undoubtedly formative for a whole generation of young pastors. Tim Keller’s Center Church is the great man’s magnum opus bringing together a life-time of learning and thinking. It would be impossible for me to give you all the bits I underlined or highlighted, but the basic flow of the book is as follows. It’s broken down into 8 parts (with a total of 30 chapters) looking at gospel theology, gospel renewal, gospel contextualization, city vision, cultural engagement, missional community, integrative ministry, and movement dynamics.

His work is careful, considered, and balanced throughout. His chapters on defining the gospel, contextualization, cultural engagement, and church as organism and organisation were real highlights. In particular his understanding of the various models of cultural engagement (recall Neibuhr), and their respective strengths and weaknesses, was quite simply the best stuff I’ve read on this.

It is clear to me that this is the kind of book that I’m going to end up returning to again and again. If you haven’t already, buy it, read it, enjoy it.

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