Two good illustrations of unity

mosaicI was speaking on Sunday night about the issue of unity and I came across a beautiful illustration of how this comes to pass, which I think I pinched from Erwin McManus. He talks about the idea of a mosaic – it’s a collection of broken and fragmented parts bought together into something beautiful. That’s what the gospel does – takes broken parts and brings them together to make something beautiful – the church (see Eph 2). Following that I was visiting one of our small groups last night where the leader also spoke of a time he’d used a similar illustration – this time giving every member a piece of a puzzle. Only when all the pieces come together is the wonder of the picture displayed – same idea – just as powerful. And finally the small group leader gave out the words to an old Wesley hymn – here’s a couple of verses:

The gift which He on one bestows

We all delight to prove;

The grace through every vessel flows,

In purest streams of love.


And if our fellowship below

In Jesus be so sweet,

What heights of rapture shall we know

When round His throne we meet!


So there you have it. A couple of illustrations and a beautiful hymn on what God has joined together in Christ. Let it thrill your hearts, and feel free to use yourselves.

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